Our Story

Santo Alessi, the founder and Director of Discovery Bay Wines remembers the world renowned genius sculptor John (Johann Wolfgang) Elischer, who in partnership with his son inspired a dream that shaped the future of Australian pottery.  This tradition is continued from the business once known as Elischer Pottery, which was founded in 1947.

John Elischer was born in Vienna and later trained at the academy of Vienna before studying under the famous sculptor August Rodin.

After migrating to Australia in 1935, Elischer received commissions for sculptures including the King George V Memorial in Bendigo (1938), a bronze fountain for Sir Russell Grimwade in Toorak and a bust of Archbishop Mannix for Newman College, University of Melbourne. In 1951 Elischer won the 200 guinea prize for his design of a jubilee medal. Another of his notable sculptures is a bust of the Australian television great Graham Kennedy.

Elischer’s innovative designs and creative vision continues today. We never forget our heritage and focus to create contemporary works of art with flair, passion and creativity.

Santo Alessi is the man behind the design, development and manufacture of handcrafted, Australian custom made decanters, tableware, homeware and unique promotional pieces that reflect your company’s identity. Our art-house is responsible for the decoration of every unique piece we create.

We build value for our customers by providing the most unique ceramic mould making, collector art and innovative high quality products with the strength of our committed Manufacturing and Customer Service team. Santo Alessi is dedicated to the preservation of the environment and it is paramount to our ethos to continually strive to improve.